Can someone help me understand this?

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I was reading this article in the wall street journal and I often use H&R Block but I'm confused about what they're talking about. Any accountants out there? "Get Money Fast for Free." That is the lure H&R Block HRB +0.90%uses to attract more custome…


I am finance major student. Is there any website where I can offer my trading advisory for a fee?

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I can offer my financial advisory service as I have been actively analyzing stocks as a part of my hobby. I want to know a website where I can simply sign up and link to my preferred payment method. I can pick up a client's portfolio there and manage is for a…


Career as a tax preparer?

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Hi there! I'm a stay at home mom and was concidering taking the H&R Block income tax class and working through tax season for some extra $$. The class seems to be pretty expensive and I've heard that H&R Block is not a good company to work for, Can an…


What job opportunities does a history major offer? Is it possible to practice law?

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I was wondering what a history major has to offer in terms of job opportunities? Is it possible to become an attorney, would a law school be impressed by a history major? What major should i pursue if i want to be a lawyer? I'll give you credit for researchi…


What jobs can you get with a MBA?

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An MBA has different areas of concentration/major specialties but the one with greater demand and higher salaries if you do well with high GPA and rank top in your class deals with Financial Management and esp investment banking. Other than engineering or a…


Are you working in the same field as what you studied in college?

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If yes, 1) Is it because you've been wanting to work in this particular field for a long time? Or is it just due to practicality, e.g. I want to go do other things but it's easier to find a job in this field, my parents want me to, etc. If no, 1) Do you fe…


What are the job prospects of taking up teaching after MBA degree?

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Hi all... i am an engineering graduate.. i have an IT industry experience of about 2 years. I was not satisfied with my job and then decided to opt for MBA. I want to pursue a relaxed job like teaching rather than any hectic jobs offered in the corporate worl…


Jobs with a finance degree???

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I am very interested in a career in either financial analysis or financial planning. I've read plenty of stuff on the internet, but I'm still kind of fuzzy on what each of these jobs really is. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me the job descript…


If you graduated from University of Phoenix, what was your experience like? Were you able to get a good job?

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I am interested in a MBA. I would love to go to ASU, however it is more competitive to get into. I also want to work full-time while going to school. I have emailed ASU and got some feedback. I also spoke with a person who got his master's from Uof Phx, and…


why are people like this?

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So you got these middle age people who complain and complain about there minimum wage job/crappy job. The part that gets me is anybody can go to college and if your "poor" you can get a student loan......So if you had the perfect oppurtunity then why not go? …