If yes,
1) Is it because you’ve been wanting to work in this particular field for a long time? Or is it just due to practicality, e.g. I want to go do other things but it’s easier to find a job in this field, my parents want me to, etc.

If no,
1) Do you feel that you’ve wasted 4 years in college?
2) Why did you pick the major you picked in college?
3) What made you choose a different field now?

I decided in 11th grade to be a bookkeeper. It seemed easy and lots of jobs available. I was sidetracked a few times, married, became a housewife. Then when I decided to go to college got stuck in accounting classes, but landed a bookkeeping job with my AA in accounting. I did bookkeeping for about 16 years then when I was unemployed got distracted again. So I did software support for accounting software for 11 years, got a BS in accounting and passed the CPA exam and got licensed. I still wanted to be a bookkeeper so when I was unemployed again I got back to what I wanted to do. Now I am a bookkeeper with a degree in accounting.

I never wanted to be a CPA or have a degree I just fell into it in error. My boyfriend was going to school days and working nights. I was working in a CPA days and not working or going to school at night. He was whiny saying if I was doing CPA work I should get CPA pay and it wasn’t fair he had to work and go to school and I didn’t. So one day I stopped by and enrolled in classes. I had been admitted before and took one class so no problem enrolling. Then everyone was saying if you want to take the CPA exam do it right after college. So I graduated in September and took the November exam and passed it. Since I had worked in CPA firms I got them to sign of on experience so I could get licensed. It only cost $65 so I did it but it was a waste of money. I was promoted to tax anaylst right after that and the next software company I went to had a friend tell them I had passed the CPA exam with scores in the 90s so it may have helped me land that job.

I don’t know if college was worth it but I paid cash so didn’t have student loans and it was kinda fun. Now as a bookkeeper I am earning about twice what most bookkeepers make and my opinion is respected. I might be CFO when my boss retires but I don’t think I want to I really like bookkeeping.

in case you’re worrying approximately your grades, learn extra durable. in case you learn your suited and nevertheless war in school, possibly you could discover some thing else to learn. As you will study, reducing corners will very as a rule come back to hang-out you later. in this difficulty, how nicely off will you be by fairly making plans around this GPA grasp-up then certainly transforming into a patent attorney and transforming into a foul patent attorney and getting fired, or harm a shopper so as that their business enterprise fails and one hundred’s of folk lose their job? My suggestion to you is to learn subjects which you hit upon exciting, hence, interpreting complicated isn’t a tedious job yet an invaluable one which you will relish. for this reason ahcieving a ‘sturdy’ GPA would be relaxing and useful. Secondly, do no longer make such an impactful determination (i pass to be a patent attorney and intentionally %. an unreleated important to make it extra handy to get into regulation college) once you do no longer even understand in case you will prefer to be a patent attorney in a million, 2, 3…and so on years? For all you already know you’ll be able to finally finally end up desirous to be an accountant or electric powered engineer or some thing else, yet now none of your ‘uncomplicated course’ instructions pertain to that field and now you’re caught having to take extra instructions to capture up instead of taking instructions that involved you interior the 1st place. So examine interior the path of the class descriptions of the third and 4th 365 days instructions (of all the fields) and are available to a determination what sounds the main beautiful, this could bring about you having the suited probability of success. additionally, in no way %. a important soley in keeping with how plenty you think of you would be making once you get out. in case you do unlike your artwork, despite if it may pay nicely, you will no longer final very long in that field.


My major in college was animal husbandry..because I own one third of a horse farm, and eventually will own the whole thing…

when I finished college, I wanted to do something different for a while..My choices were building racing engines, or finish carpenter
I got my union card, and started carpentry school, when a friend I ride horses with, offered a near 6 figure job at a bank…..

Look forward to your comments,Come on!