Career as a tax preparer?

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Hi there! I’m a stay at home mom and was concidering taking the H&R Block income tax class and working through tax season for some extra $$. The class seems to be pretty expensive and I’ve heard that H&R Block is not a good company to work for, Can anyone suggest another tax preparation office that is better than H&R Block to work for. I live in spokane washington if that helps. Also I have no training in taxes so am looking for the best class to enroll into.

H&R’s classes are about the best. If things haven’t changed & you don’t want to pay for the class, work as a receptionist one season & then the class will be free (cost of book only I believe).

You will not make alot of money working for H&R Block. You can get a good tax education (even thru taking the enrolled agent exam with the IRS).

If you want to work for H&R but do not want to agree with the non-compete don’t. Last I knew the non-compete was that you could not do an H&R client for 2 years after leaving. Discreetly cross out the “2” and write a “0” with your initials above it before you sign & turn in the agreement. But….your best bet is to study with them, do taxes for them for a season, and then try to find someone who will pay your more (maybe a small accounting/CPA office in your neighborhood that might even be able to use you for general office work off season).

There is so much material to cover and H & R block falls short in their excelerated course. Check around with community colleges that offer income tax 101 and 102. It would be more intense and would make you more marketable. Also, pick up Publication 17 from the IRS and read through that. If there is an area you would want more in depth study, (ie-capital gains and losses), then go to irs.gov and get the specific publication for those items.

I’ve been a tax preparer for 38 years and I am still learning. Experience is the best teacher.

Good luck to you!!!

IF you get a good instructor you will never find the tax education anywhere to bet the one you get with the H&R classes.

All my Accountants were required to take their class, at my expense, for a basic knowledge of tax laws.

Remember that first line “if you have a good instructor”.

As an Emplorer, nay not so good.

Lint, is right about that person instead of big corporation, though I know nothing of the company he references, different areas of the country.

One more addition if you do take the course then I might best to work there one season JUST for the experience.

I worked for HRBlock for 7 years. But I nver liked it. What I did was study and study all I could because thats free, I became a Certified Tax Specialist and then got the hell outta there. Its a good co. to study but not to work. So the course is worth every penny you pay for. And if you want to gain some experience and perspective, yeah, stay for a year or two, but no more. Set up your own business later and most clients gladly go with you, specially if they pay 200,300,400 even 500 and if you offer the same service for half the price they wont thing about it twice. I left them about three years ago and currently I have 150 clients.
Just remember they will try to harass you, saying that eeeverybody whooo leaves HRblock and does this gets sued because of the contract that you signed, they cant do nothing about it. Just leave quietly and soon youll be making the big bucks. Good Luck

I’ve worked for HR for a season and I liked it. I’m also planning on going back to HR for the coming season.

However, Pojo hit the spot. You need a good instructor or else you are just going to get swamped with the course, especially when you hit depreciation … not so much for me now.

Still look around and ask some of the mum & pop tax preparers around your neighborhood to see where they get their tax education. They should be getting updated every year.

Theres always a sacrifice to get to where you want to go. HRB employees only work partime so its a parttime wage, it will take many years to get to a good wage, my advice is if you want to get your feet wet into accounting or tax preparation, take the HRB basic course and you can work inmediately, get hands on experience and then set up your own business, thats were the money is, i used to work at HRB the most I made was with commission was bonus of 3-5k after 4 mnths after 8 yrs I decided it was long enough making money for somebody else, the business is full of envious people, now I make an average of 25=30k for those 4 months, if you love working and talking to people set a goal for yourself, and do it.

I worked for Block for a season. I didn’t like them. I have been working for Liberty Tax now for two seasons. I like it much better. It’s mostly because I work for a Person not a corporation.

Look forward to your comments,Come on!