In the last 20 years strategic management accounting (SMA) has been identified as a potential area of development that would enhance the future contribution of management accounting. However despite the publicity that strategic management accounting has received, there is still no comprehensive framework of what strategic management accounting is. Discuss on term SMA and important contributions towards strategic management accounting by analyzing literature on SMA.

This sounds straight out of a text book / homework assignment… here is an example of teh tm being used in a way that you can really learn from:

You can apply SMA to your own life by having some integrity, doing your own work and actually learning something that will take you somewhere in life. Or you can try to have others do your work and focus your career on simple CCA “counting change accounting” working at McDonald’s, because that is where you will unltimately end up.

Now get off the computer, crack open the books and do your studying / work!

Look forward to your comments,Come on!