I believe the program you are interested in would be the pre-file loans that have been offered by tax preparation firms like H&R Block. You were able to take them your last pay stub for the year and they estimated your refund and gave you a loan against that. When you got your W-2 forms you returned to “file” your return with the same company and the loans was repaid with the refund. Those type of programs are no longer offered. Both of the banks that supported these type programs declined to do so and no one in the financial industry wanted to give any support for the idea.
So the answer to your question is that no one will be offering that service this year.

You cannot file a tax return with just your paystub until after February 14th. Tax preparers who follow the law must see the W-2.

You need to wait for your W-2 and use that to file.

At one time turbo tax did that but I wouldn’t swear that they still do… your W-2s have so much info you need on them that you need to even do turbo tax that I doubt if it would do you much good until you get your w-2s… you could possibly go by last year’s w-2s they gave you for the co. tax number etc. and put in the rest of the info from you last pay stub… the ones that offer on line filing never see your w-2s but tell you to keep all them just in case etc…

Look forward to your comments,Come on!