how can i find some rapidshare premium accounts?

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How do find rapidshare premium accounts? are they hacking other people’s computers??? What is phishing???? What hacking software are they using??

Get a grip!

There are dozens of sites (and probably you may even get some answers) claiming to have premium account info after having hacked ppl’s accounts.

If you are lucky they will just be ones which don’t work. If not then you can indeed end up on a phising site (where you enter personal info assuming it is a legit site, whereas this site is a fraudulent one and then your personal info can be used to hack the original site/account)

I had my RS account hacked a couple of months ago. I realised within hours, contacted RS. They re-assigned the account to the original Email account used to purchase it (mine of course) and of course the IP addresses of the persons using it have been logged (anyone can see this in the premium account section!)

So good luck with this if it is your aim. Your ISP will be really happy when they disable your account for breaching the TOS.

you all need is this 10 tricks to bypass the rapidshare

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