I keep putting it off…whe i tried to file an extension, it said DONT if i expect a refund…and I did, whaat should I do now????…do they…wait until 2006 taxes! Help

1. Hire a tax attorney and get his or her advice.

2. Throw yourself at the mercy of the IRS. Remember, most IRS agents are pretty much lowlifes who are either trying to get some insider training before getting real accounting jobs, or in the lower 25% of the MBA class and unable to obtain a real job at a named accounting organization.

If it were me, I would spend a couple of bucks and get an attorney’s assistance.

If you expect a refund, don’t sweat it just get it done and filed. Two years ago, I didn’t file until the NEXT year. I had a difficult year and just didn’t file. So, the following year, I filed BOTh years together with no problem. I don’t however, recommend this as something you want to get in the habit of. If you owe it’s not a pretty place to be.
You MUST file a return…every year! So, just get yourself together and FILE. Get it in the mail and forget about it. Stop stressing and procrastinating…just learn from it!

It’s no big deal. Just file a return now. If they owe you a refund, then shame on you for waiting. If you owe them, they will calculate interest that you owe on the amount due. I’ve done returns for people that didn’t file for 4 or 5 years. We sent the returns in and didn’t hear a word from the IRS. (But why invite and audit? File on time!)

If you do end up getting a refund, then don’t sweat it. If you owe, then they will charge you interest, late payment penalty, and late filing penalty since you didn’t do an extension, that would acrue from April 17th. Either way, I would file your return ASAP.

Do them ASAP
If you are entitled to a refund- why let the IRS keep YOUR $ collecting interest off it
IF you owe- the interest and penalities are adding up DAILY

do them as soon as you can…..if you owe, the penalties and interest will be lower, the sooner you file………if you are getting a refund, you want it now !!

File as soon as possible. They don’t pay interest on your money and you could invest it better in your accounts.

contact the IRS before thy contact you claiming you cheated them out of $7 Million !

Look forward to your comments,Come on!