Working for avon alone isn’t making me enough money, so I’m going to apply for other jobs but I don’t know how to properly say what I do..

So, here is what i do with avon:

I deliver products directly to customers, I try to get their interest in some products, I deliver avon booklets to customers, I write the receipt with the digits of the product, to who it’s going to and such, I collect money from customers, and I personally add the cost and tax for the receipt.

I would describe your job duties as marketing, sales, customer service, ordering, bookkeeping and maintaining sales and order records.

You can say that you are an Avon Representative and undertake the following roles, customer service, deliveries, taxation, collection of fees.

Or something along those lines.

Hope this helped

Hello Lisa C:

You are real hardly to “make no money”! Now I am Nu Skin network direct distributor (another words is ~ network marketing sales), we don’t have these troubles what you said anyone ~ and be careful collect money, if you are interested in our duties please email me to know more details to help you!
Nu Skin’s products are the same as Avon, it wil be so better to you that have got the cosmetics experiences~
Good luck!

Make the heading as simple and direct-to-the-point as possible. Include your job title or position, the company and place of your employment, and period and number of years you worked. If you were previously a part-time student, student intern, or casual worker, just write the job title your company designated on you even if it doesn’t match with the typical position titles. Emphasize on your responsibilities and related accomplishments, ensuring their relevance to the position you are applying for. Take this bulleted format for example: Customer Service Representative, July 2005 – October 2006 GLOBAL OUTSOURCING, INC., Makati City, Philippines * (enter text) * (enter text) * (enter text)

Look forward to your comments,Come on!