I am interested in a MBA. I would love to go to ASU, however it is more competitive to get into. I also want to work full-time while going to school.

I have emailed ASU and got some feedback. I also spoke with a person who got his master’s from Uof Phx, and he has not been able to get a good paying job due to lack of experience.

If you have attended, especially for a business degree, please reply. I would appreciate some feedback from someone who has gone or knows someone who went to school there.


There are many, many online business programs out there. As far as recognition, people outside of the education and HR realms sometimes confuse online degrees with fraudalent or easy degrees.

1st of all, any program you enter should be regionally accredited. Regional accreditation shows that the school has passed a review process that will help ensure that your credits will transfer to other schools and that you are eligible to sit for licensing exams such as the CPA, CMA, etc.

Regionally accredited Online degrees are the same accreditation as other schools. However, online schools lack the prestige or name recognition of traditional on ground schools. For alot of military people and working adults, online degrees are the only option.

I would avoid University of Phoenix due to the extremely high cost compared to other options. They do really push their team project approach, and it has the benefit of interacting with people from all over the country.

As far as employment, with no experience, alot of employers don’t see the benefit of an MBA over a bachelors degree without any practical experience and accordingly don’t pay a premium for it.

As far as other choices, here are just some to consider looking to:

DeVry University www.devry.edu
Franklin University www.franklin.edu
Kaplan University www.kaplan.edu

Great idea on pursuing the MBA. I have my undergrad from ASU and am currently attending University of Phoenix for my MBA/HRM. I loved ASU, of course its a good school. But I love University of Phoenix as well. There is a HUGE stigma that many people have since is “for-Profit” it must be evil. I have a lot of arguments on that point that I won’t even get into. The University is a good school, the instructors give great feedback, the assignments are challenging and applicable to the real world, and most importantly, they know my name. If any company bothers to research the curriculum, they will gladly accept your MBA from University of Phoenix. Of course experience is also important, but that’s true of every degree from any college, experience ALWAYS gets you 10 steps above! I am done in December, I have worked 40 hours a week since the beginning of my program, and I have not regretted my decision. It’s been super challenging, but so worth it. The instructors aren’t off some dark alley, they are working professionals with experience in their fields, they have at least a Graduate Degree, and most times a Doctorate! (Many of them went to colleges other than University of Phoenix for their degrees as well so you have a great variety of experiences!) I highly recommend it, and if you decide to go good luck, its a long ride. :o)

Unfortunatley, UofP is not looked at the same way as a traditional brick and mortar university. I am not saying they are not as good, I personally don’t know about their quality of education, I am just saying you will not have the same job prospects. UofP is regionally accredited, however, their MBA is not accredited by the AACSB and they do not require you to take the GMAT. The result is that UofP will accept anyone and their admission counselors and nothing more than telemarketers who are trying to reach a sales quota. Do your research, speak to some people in HR, and use the Princeton Review to look at how MBA programs selectivity relates to starting salary. I know this sounds negative but you are making a huge investment in your future, it pays to know the facts. One final note, the cost of UofP is extremely high for the amount of respect the degree will get you.

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Consider attending a “REAL” University for a graduate degree. These so-called “on-line” schools don’t offer students the opportunities other students seek in a graduate degree, REAL WORLD problem solving in a group dynamic.

Many people today are only concerned with obtaining an advanced degree to make more money or to gain a promotion; however, many employers recognize that these schools don’t adequately prepare their graduates to excel in the global arena.

I wish you luck in your endeavor and hope that you will weigh your options carefully and make the best decision for your situation.

I am a enrollment counselor at UOP and currently taking my BSM there, I also plan on working towards my MBA afterwards.

We are regionally accredited just like ASU. We offer the same benefits as ASU. One advantage you get going to UOP over ASU is the work experience you get while trying to obtain your degree, which is a major plus to employers.

I have never heard of a student not getting a job cause they received a degree from us. The students that make up the uopsucks.com and other B.S. sites are students that thought that we are a degree mill. Trust me, if we are then we wouldn’t be accredited from the higher learning commission which also accrediates Harvard.

Look forward to your comments,Come on!