I’m trying to file my IRS 1040 online and on one of the questions, it’s asking me to “Enter the amount of income tax for 2010” (and it tells me that I can find the answer to that question on line 55 of my 1040 form). But line 55 on my form shows a ‘0’. On line 60 of my 1040 form though, it says “Add lines 55 through 59. This is your total tax” (and it gives me an amount: 1,238). What’s confusing me is whether my income tax is the same thing as my total tax; and if I’m supposed to enter the amount 1,238 instead of 0? Thanks for your help.

I doubt the form is actually asking you to “enter the amount of your income tax”, since if you’re filing on line, the program you’re using should calculate that amount for you. You can’t be filing your 1040 and be expected to provide numbers *from* your 1040 in order to do so.

But to answer your question, line 55 is the tax you pay on your regular taxable W-2 income. You apparently are self-employed, and so the money you owe the government is self-employment tax, which is reported on line 56.

Whatever you’re filling out, just give them the numbers they’re asking for. If they tell you to enter the amount shown on line 55, then that’s what you do.

if 55 is 0
if the amounts in 56-59 amount to $1238, that is your total tax

appears like are self employed and the $1238 is your self employment tax you will have had a lot of non-public exemptions and the two frequently happening or itemized deductions to decrease your taxable earnings to 0 or you had infant credit that worn out any which you probably did have

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