runescape account needed?

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i need a runescape account any level so i can play if u have one please post username and pass here thank you i preferrably want high levels but any level works and please dont say go make ur own will give best answer to anyone who gives me one

You do realize that you can create your own, free, Runescape account at any time, right?

In any event, there are some things that you might want know about using a Runescape account that was made by someone else…

From Jagex’ point of view, there can only ever be one owner of an account — that is, the person that created the account is always considered to be the account owner.

Buying, selling, trading, or even giving the account away is considered, by Jagex, to be against their rules. If they become aware of an account that is being used by someone who is not the person that created the account, they will lock the account (preventing it from being accessed). If the account’s creator is able to provide information that convinces Jagex that they are the original account owner, then Jagex may let them have access to the account again.

There have been cases where people were given accounts by a friend that they then used for a long period of time, years even, only to have Jagex lock the account. Sometimes those accounts end up being locked permanently.

Anyone who offers you even a ‘free’ account is probably attempting to scam you – people have been known to intentionally give away accounts, only to let the other person use the account for a while, earning xp and gp and accumulating items, and then telling Jagex that the account was hacked or stolen or whatever… and then they get the account back, basically scamming the person that received the ‘free’ account. Of course, people that do this repeatedly have eventually had their accounts locked permanently, but that doesn’t make it any easier on the people they scammed in the meantime.

Any level? And you NEED an account to play? Yeah…seriously, go make your own.

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