Should I do a degree in Accounting OR Finance?

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Which would provide more career opportunities?

What careers could I actually go into besides Accounting and Finance?

Which is more interesting?

Having a degree in accounting will provide you with many opportunities in your future. First, you will have a specialized skill set that the majority of the population cannot comprehend. This means that you will always be in demand by individuals and firms alike. Second, you can take a year long master’s course to get the required hours to sit for the C.P.A. Once you have earned your C.P.A. license you will never have trouble finding a job. Accounting is where many executives of large corporations began their careers. The accounting curriculum provides students with a wide array of knowledge in business topics that is essential to becoming a successful business person.

Finance is very interesting. You learn the different investment vehicles and ways to maximize return on your investments. However, most colleges require accounting students to take a few finance classes or you could choose to take them as electives. Finance majors are required to take accounting classes as well, but the accounting degree provides a more specialized skill set than does finance. Accountants typically understand most finance knowledge and so I believe accounting provides a more well rounded education.

Many accountants do not stay in the accounting field, they typically progress to upper management positions where they have broad responsibilities. Professionals agree, the accounting background provides ambitious individuals the necessary skill set to succeed in any business environment.

An important tip: start young getting internships. If you make good grades you can get internships by your sophomore year making $20/hr.

Accounting is the key to business as Finance is the tool to analyze business.

Several of my friends who are Finance Major, they are having problem with finding a job, but all my accounting buddies are working already.. In addition, my teachers told me you can do Finance job with accounting degree, but you cannot do do accounting job with finance degree.

I would say Accounting… It’s a good background type of degree that can easily be expanded upon.

You can do both Acctg and Finance with an Acctg degree, but I’m not sure about the other way around.

As far as more interesting, depends on your likes/dislikes….

There are good jobs in both fields.

However, getting a degree in a field that you don’t find interesting is a very bad idea. And neither of these fields are very “exciting”. If you like to crunch numbers, get the accounting degree. If you like sales, get the finance degree. If you don’t like either…start rethinking your options.

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