What jobs can you get with a MBA?

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An MBA has different areas of concentration/major specialties but the one with greater demand and higher salaries if you do well with high GPA and rank top in your class deals with Financial Management and esp investment banking. Other than engineering or a law degree, in my personal opinion it is a very practical degree to hold bec there are different professional certifications that if you pass these difficult exams and can handle the stress, long hours and do financial analysis involving various asset transactions, good performance get mean money$ in your wallet and bank accounts.

There are other business related jobs are in the area of Contracts, Procurement and Acquisitions which besides good analytical and oral/written communication skills, they normally will either send you to basic acquisition training courses or On the Job Training (OJT), cost analysts.

Financial analysis job opportunities are rather plentiful but not everyone can handle or enjoy doing number crunching. An accounting background and advance math helps as well as spreadsheet skills incl Visual Basic and in general you must adhere to the regulations, statutory laws and abid to the code of ethics.

I have family and friends who are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or stock brokers that require passing Securities & Exchange Commisson (SEC) examinations in order to be licensed to sell common stocks, bonds, and other financial securities. One of my friends with an MBA also worked his work up to the Branch Manager of a regional bank.

Most every company will employ college educated individuals with BS Accounting, BS Finance and MBAs in their Chief Financial Offices (CFO) and accounting departments bec of the regulatory requirements and to comply with the IRS tax filings etc

Bottomline an MBA offers good job security and pays well based on good job performance.

Best of Luck in your endeavors and Study Hard!

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